2 thoughts to “My Submissive Pet”

  1. This is a newer photo of my 40 year old submissive pet`s cunt. Since the last photo was posted her cunt is now bald and will remain bald. As her owner that she willingly submitted to I have been using a cream depilatory on her cunt to ensure shaving will have to be done at a reduced rate with the hopeful possibility that her cunt will remain bald without the need of shaving.

    Im also going to start working on stretching her out as well, cause contrary to how loose and worn out her old cunt looks she is actually quite tight still which I hope to change.

    I do have a question to pose to everyone that views this photo how ever. If you could answer the following question I would greatly appreciate it.

    Q) If you had the chance to use this cunt bareback would you?

    Q) If not why not?

    I am posing the above two questions as part of the training of my submissive pet is to have others use her but she feels that others wont want to use her. So I hope everyones honest answers on here will convince her that regardless of her looks her cunt would still be quite useable.

  2. Q1 no
    Q2 just being safe
    I would love to fuck that pussy,asshole and face fuck her. Got my cock so hard right now.
    Would love to see more add me on snapchat @lj33765

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